Poor Central Heating: Why A Problematic Heat Pump Might Be The Cause

14 December 2015
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Do you see a good flame in the pilot of your furnace but your heater is still inefficient? The lack of heat in your house may be the result of there being something wrong with the heat pump, as it plays a vital role in central heater operation. Discover below how a heat pump can become problematic to a central heating system, as well as what a professional charges to replace it.

What is the Job of a Heat Pump?

Basically, a heat pump is the part of a central heating system that exchanges heat between the inside and outside of a house. The exchange of air is vital because it helps the thermostat reach an accurate temperature when you set it. For instance, when the heater is on, the heat pump draws out cold air that is circulating in your house. In return, warm air from outside is drawn to the inside of the house (if it's available). The heat pump can use an auxiliary heater to increase the warmth in your home if there is no warm air outside to bring inside.

What Causes a Heat Pump to Become Problematic?

A malfunctioning motor inside of a heat pump can cause problems for the efficiency of your central heater. If the motor has stalled, the heat pump is unable to perform an air exchange when you need warm air. A stalling heat pump motor can be the result of dirt preventing it from working. The motor can also become old and rusty, which usually results in a replacement being necessary. You must keep in mind that replacing a heat pump motor is on the pricey side, so you may want to just get a new pump altogether and get the most out of the money spent.

How Much Should a Homeowner Expect to Pay for a Heat Pump?

If your central heating system requires a whole house split system heat pump, you are looking to spend $2,000 at least. The complexity of the installation task and efficiency of the heat pump can lead to you paying $5,000. The price will be higher if the contractor determines that you need new ductwork in your home or repairs to the current ductwork. The capacity of the heat pump required for efficient heating depends on how big your house is. Hire a heating contractor, such as those at Childers Enterprises Inc, to inspect the heat pump and let you know what it needs to bring efficiency back to your central heating system!