Three Tricks To Stay Comfortable After Your Air Conditioner Breaks Down

15 December 2015
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It's no fun living in a home with a broken air conditioner, but help is on the way as soon as you book a repair person to take care of the problem. If the repair person's schedule is full, you might need to wait a little bit until he or she can have your unit up and running, which means you'll need to think of some ways to stay comfortable until the cold air has been restored. Cool showers, loose-fitting clothing and plenty of water can all help to keep your body temperature low. To really increase your comfort level, however, you'll have to get creative with ideas such as these.

Snuggle Up With Cold Towels

Towels might be the last thing on your mind when you're trying to keep cool, but a simple twist can make them valuable when your air conditioner is broken. Place a handful of folded towels in your freezer and allow them to get cold. When you need something refreshing, remove one or more of the towels and drape them over your body. Although they'll gradually warm up, they can provide a refreshing blast of cool. A quick word of advice -- make sure the towel is completely dry before placing it in your freezer, or you'll be left with a solid chunk of cloth.

Sleep Alone

Your partner might think you're being unromantic if you suggest sleeping in separate beds, but the reality is that sharing a bed with someone -- especially if you're snuggling -- can heat up your body temperature. If you have room in your home, sleep in separate bedrooms or, if you wish to stay nearby, place an air mattress on the floor near the bed. If you're suffering from some separation anxiety, remember that it won't be long until the repair person arrives to fix your air conditioner and you'll soon be sharing your bed once again.

Keep The Blinds Drawn

Hot sunlight beaming through your windows can quickly increase the heat inside your home. During the daylight hours, be vigilant about ensuring that your blinds are all drawn. This rule is especially important with large windows and windows on the sunny side of your home. While you might take the approach of opening your blinds and windows at night to allow cooler air to blow through your home, make sure that everything is adequately sealed up during the heat of the day.

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