The Best AC Systems For Aging Parents And Their Older Home

29 December 2015
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If your parents still live in the same home they had when you were a kid, the home may have traditional structure they want to stay the same. Many older homes are beautiful and have been well-maintained, making it a shame to disrupt some parts of them for the installation of modern HVAC systems. However, if you worry about your aging parents living in a home without cool air during the hottest months of summer, you should know there are some affordable and design-worthy systems available.

Older Homes And The Obstacles Of Some Traditional Structural Designs

Many older homes have high ceilings that make it challenging for the installation of ducts that are an essential aspect of most modern HVAC systems. While there may be plenty of room in the basement of an older home for duct work, there is still a need for damaging old, original plaster walls for the installation of vents. In some cases, original wood floors would need to be cut through for the placement of registers. If your parents would rather remain without air conditioning so their older, original home is not altered in any way, you might consider discussing with them mini-split systems that would not cause altercations in their home's original structural design.

What Is A Mini-Split System?

Many older folks living in larger, older homes usually end up living in just a couple of the rooms. For this reason, a mini-split system is perfect for keeping your aging parents cool while also not interrupting the original structural design of their home. With a mini-split system, each room has its own AC unit. Every unit is hooked to refrigerant and power lines that are run to an outdoor fan and compressor unit. The lines from each unit are thin and do not require cutting through walls and flooring for complete installation. Mini-split AC units are also energy-saving, a benefit for older people living off their retirement savings and social security benefits.

Looking At High-Velocity Systems For Older Homes

Another AC system great for older homes is a high-velocity system. This type of system cools a room through high pressured air being circulated through small, 2-inch tubing. The tubing can be installed without causing major alterations in the home's existing structure. While high-velocity systems are usually more expensive, the benefits of maintaining original parts of an older home are worth it.

Knowing your aging loved ones are comfortable when the temperatures outside are extremely hot is a good feeling. Learn how you can provide cool air without turning your aging parent's older home upside down. For more information on air conditioning repair, click here.