Toilet Running? Here's How To Fix It

9 March 2016
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If you've noticed that your toilet has been running nonstop after you've flushed, it can be annoying and costly. Running toilets can waste a lot of water over time. Fortunately, it's simple to correct most causes of a running toilet with a few easy solutions. Here are some things to check so you can fix that pesky running toilet with ease.

Check The Fill Tube

The fill tube is a small, flexible piece of tubing that runs from the fill value to the overflow tube inside of your tank. Take the lid off and make sure that the fill tube is attached to the overflow tube. The fill tube is usually pliable and narrow, while the overflow tube is rigid and wider. If it is not attached properly, it can cause your bowl to never completely fill, and your toilet will continue running. Remove the tank lid and find the fill tube. Sometimes it can simply come detached and all it takes is a quick reattachment to correct the issue. Push it tightly back into the overflow tube and the bowl should now fill correctly.

Examine The Water Float

An adjustable float inside your tank controls the water level, and if it's too low it can create a weak flush. If it's too high, the water will run over into the overflow tube and the valve stays on, causing water to continue flowing. This is a common cause for a running toilet. Look inside your tank and see where the fill level mark is located. Then, make sure the water is reaching that mark when you flush, If not, you may need to adjust the float either up or down to ensure it's triggering the water to stop running. Most newer toilets allow you to just slide the float up or down an attached rod. You may have to adjust it several times until you find the exact location it needs to be for a complete flush. 

Look At The Flapper Chain

A device called a flapper is a rubber or plastic piece attached to a small metal chain inside your toilet. The flapper serves as a kind of drain plug for your toilet tank. If it isn't going down all the way after a flush, the water will continue to run down the drain. Look to see that the chain attached to the flapper is not tangled or disconnected. Untangle the chain and see if the flapper goes down all the way. Another issue could be that the chain is too long. This can prevent the flapper from opening and closing all the way. Shorten the chain and try again, and it should now flush without continuing to run since the flapper can create a tight seal around the drain hole. Try these simple fixes the next time your toilet continues to run, and you should be able to flush in peace.

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