Child's Asthma Getting Worse? 2 Things That Could Be The Cause

16 March 2016
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If your child's asthma has gotten worse, the cause could be due to many things. See your doctor first to make sure your child does not have medical problems causing the asthma to become worse. If everything checks out, the two things listed below may be the culprit.

Sports Playing Fields

If your child plays a sport, such as baseball or softball, and their playing field is near a highway, it can cause their asthma to become worse. It can cause other respiratory health problems also, such as chronic bronchitis and reduced lung function.

If new baseball fields are being constructed close to your home, this can also cause a problem with your child's asthma. It may be not so much the actual fields, but the construction trucks moving in and out of the area can be the cause. The trucks disturb the dirt, making it fly in the air, and the exhaust coming from the truck can also trigger asthma symptoms.

Indoor Air 

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air levels of pollutants can be two to five times higher when compared to outdoor levels. This is very concerning, as many people spend more time indoors than outdoors. Some indoor irritants that may be in your home include:

  • Wood smoke
  • Tobacco smoke
  • Cleaners
  • Aerosol sprays
  • Dust mites
  • Pet dander

One of the best ways to clean the air in your home is by running your HVAC unit. This is because the air first runs through a filter, which catches irritants so you will only have clean air. You do need to make sure you always keep the filter clean. There are disposable filters, as well as filters that you can clean yourself. There are allergy-free filters on the market that work well for people that have asthma.

Talk to your HVAC technician about installing a germicidal LED light in your unit. According to American Air and Water, these lights have been proven effective in improving indoor air quality.

You should also keep your HVAC unit maintained so you know it is working well. The duct system should also be checked and cleaned when your unit is maintained. Ask the technician how often you should do this.

These are just two things that can aggravate your child's asthma symptoms. Talk with their doctor, who can likely tell you many more things that you can change to help. This will ensure that your child will start to feel much better.