4 Common AC Problems

21 March 2016
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Your air conditioner is a great asset, keeping you nice and cool and comfortable during the hot summer months. However, things can go wrong with your AC unit. There are a few common problems that might impact your AC unit, and you should know what they are so you can have your AC fixed quickly right when you notice these problems.

Low AC Refrigeration

When the freon, which is the chemical that cools the air that circulates through an AC system (also known as the refrigerant), levels drop or get too low the refrigerant could begin to leak. If an AC unit has to be constantly refilled with refrigerant the majority of the time it's caused by a leak, just adding refrigerant won't fix the problem, the leak must be repaired if you want your AC unit to function properly and efficiently. Symptoms of low refrigerant levels include an AC unit that continually freezes over, as well as dark stains below the AC unit, which is the leaked refrigerant.

Bad and Faulty AC Wiring

A weak wire connection could stop an AC system from getting the power it needs to work properly, and it can also cause a trip in a circuit breaker. Bad or faulty AC wiring can be due to uncertified or unqualified AC hookup and can be very dangerous, because it can be a fire hazard.

Outside AC Fan Not Functioning Properly

The outside fan on an AC unit is responsible for pulling the heated air from your home and distributing to the outside, so if the fan isn't working or functioning properly the air replacement won't occur. A malfunctioning AC fan can also result in the overheating of the AC's compressor and trigger the safety overload; in worse case scenarios this can also result in internal compressor damage.

AC Coil Freezing

If an AC airflow become restricted or compressed due to a dirty and faulty air filter or any other obstructions that can cause a block in the airlock, stopping the air return this could ultimately result in a frozen AC coil. Frozen AC cools prevent your AC unit from cooling correctly, and you won't be feeling cold air when your air conditioning kicks in.

Know these few things that go wrong with air conditioning units so you can quickly call an air conditioning repair service like D & W Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. once you notice that something is wrong with your air conditioning unit.