3 Tips For Starting Up Your Gas Furnace Before Winter

16 October 2017
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After noticing a chill in the morning air, you may decide it is time to start getting your gas furnace ready for the upcoming winter. If so, use the following tips for performing simple maintenance tasks before starting up your gas furnace before the cold weather hits:

Change the Filter

The first thing you should do before turning on your furnace is to change the filter. Even if it does not look dirty or was put in before you turned the heater off for the season, you should still change it.

Because the weather during the summer months is typically hot and humid, any dust or dirt trapped inside the filter's fibers may have created an ideal environment in which mold and germs can thrive. If you do not change the filter, you could be spreading spores and bacteria throughout your house along with the trapped dust.

Also, having a fresh filter ensures that the filter free from clogs. This allows the air to flow freely through the central heating system and makes the furnace run more efficiently.

Put Oil in the Blower Motor

After changing the filter, the next thing on your maintenance list should be to put oil in the blower motor. Because the furnace was not used for several months, the gears and fan have probably dried out and need the added lubrication to run properly.

To add oil to the motor, open the access panel, and look for the tiny spout or pipe that is designated for oil. You may need to consult either the owner's manual for your furnace or look at the back of the access panel for a diagram.

Once you have located the spout, add two or three drops of oil, whichever type is recommended for your furnace's model. If you are uncertain as to which one you should use, consult with an HVAC maintenance professional so they can lead you in the right direction.

Check the Pilot Light's Color

Once you have added the oil, the next thing is to check the pilot light's color. The color of the pilot can let you know if there are any issues with it or the gas line.

After lighting the pilot per your unit's model instructions, the flame should be blue. This means that the right amount of gas is reaching the flame.

However, if the pilot light is mostly red or orange, it is either receiving too much or too little gas. In either case, you should contact an HVAC service to have them take a look at the pilot and make any necessary repairs.

Using the above tips can help you get your gas furnace started before winter. You may also want to contact a professional who provides HVAC maintenance services to have them inspect your heater and make sure everything is running correctly to help avoid future breakdowns when the cold weather sets in.

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