3 Common Central Air Conditioner Problems

13 January 2018
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Has your central air conditioner that is only a few years old been operating in an erratic manner? If the system was already in your house when you moved in, it is possible that it is old and getting ready to stop working. However, there are a few things that can interfere with an air conditioning system operating as it should no matter how old it might be. Many of the common problems require attention from a professional technician, which is why you should make an appointment with one as soon as possible. Take a look at the list of common central air conditioner problems in this article to get a general idea of what might be wrong with your system.

1. The Refrigerant isn't Properly Charged

A refrigerant is an important aspect of a central air conditioning system being able to produce cold air. The refrigerant is usually charged during the time that the system is initially installed, and it should last for a long time. However, it is possible that the refrigerant wasn't properly charged if your system does not produce enough cold air. The refrigerant must be placed into the system at a level that is recommended by the manufacturer. Ask a technician to check the refrigerant level to determine if it is in need of being adjusted.

2. Poor Operation from Insufficient Maintenance

A central air conditioning system must receive maintenance every now and then. Maintenance is necessary because it allows you to keep track of the overall condition of the system. For instance, the system can be checked for an accumulation of dirt in case cleaning is in need of being done. Dirt causes problems to the system because it can prevent air from flowing, such as if it covers the filter. Dirt can also prevent the coils from doing their jobs.

3. Parts Have Worn Out Prematurely

System parts can wear out prematurely for a number of reasons. For example, if something wasn't installed properly, it can cause some of the most important parts to work harder than they should. The fan is one of the parts that might work harder than it should when the system runs in an erratic manner. Another part that can wear out fast from an erratically running system is the fan motor. However, a professional technician can replace any of the system parts that are worn out if it is necessary. 

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