How To Keep Up Your Furnace Efficiency

27 February 2018
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Keeping your furnace clean is going to improve the overall functionality and efficiency of your system. If you fail to have your furnace regularly maintained, you are going to pay for it, literally, through your monthly utility bills. Of course, it is hard to actually have professionals come to your house as often as they should. This is why it is important to do some basic DIY maintenance jobs in between professional visits. This article looks at how you can improve the functionality of your furnace in a few simple steps.

Keep The Area Around Your Furnace Clean

First of all, it is important that you keep the area around your furnace cabinet as clean and free of clutter as possible. This is a common problem because the furnace is usually located in a storage room, utility closet, garage, or basement. As a result, many people store their extra stuff right next to, if not leaning directly on, the furnace. Usually, this isn't going to have an immediate impact on the day to day functionality of the furnace. However, it can be problematic overtime if things around the furnace start to collect dust and get dirty. This dust is then more likely to get sucked into your furnace blower and through your duct system. Basically, your filtering system is going to need to work harder if the area on the outside of your furnace is dirty.

Clean Inside the Furnace

It is also very important to clean the inside of your furnace cabinet. Most people are a little intimidated open up the furnace cabinet, but is actually very easy. In fact, a soon as you open your furnace cabinet door, should notice a detailed instructions for how to turn off the gas. Once you've followed these instructions and turned off the gas, you can clean just about any component inside your furnace cabinet.

With a hose vacuum and a damp rag, you can clean just about every surface inside your furnace cabinet. Any dust inside its going to be detrimental to your system. You should start by vacuuming, and then only use the wet rag on areas where the dirt is a little more stubborn and not easily sucked up. Cleaning the blower, output duct connections, heat pump, and other vital components inside your furnace cabinet is going to ultimately improve the efficiency of your appliance.

It's not difficult or expensive to properly keep up your furnace to maintain maximum efficiency throughout the year. For more information, contact companies like Polar Aire Heating & Cooling Inc.