Service Your Compressor Now!

22 May 2018
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It might not be the middle of summer yet, but you might be relying on your air conditioning throughout the majority of the day sooner than you expect. So, now is the time to fix any existing or potential air conditioning problems. You don't want to wait until it is too late because it will be harder to find appointments, and it will be far more inconvenient if you actually have to live in your house with a broken or malfunctioning AC system. Furthermore, the system could be completely down for a couple of days while it is being repaired or replaced.

Compressor Failure

One of the most frequent problems is that residential properties owners have with central HVAC systems is the failure of the compressor. The compressor, a small electrical component inside the air conditioner, is a workhorse component. It is responsible for creating cold air. Basically, it does this using electricity and refrigerant to create cold, moisture-free air. Because of this, the compressor uses a high percentage of electricity.

Replacing Your Entire Air Conditioner

Homeowners who are told by HVAC professional that they need to replace their compressor have a few possible options. First of all, compressor replacement is usually the cheapest method. Obviously, replacing just the compressor is going to be cheaper than replacing the entire air conditioner. That being said, it isn't necessarily the most cost-effective when you think about it in the long term.

Compressors are Reliant on the Entire System

Compressors are built, not just for specific air conditioners, but for specific split-air HVAC systems. That is, the compressor is connected to the evaporator, the air handler, and everything else. So, if you replace your compressor, without changing your air conditioner, you won't really have the ability to upgrade. That is, if you were to upgrade your compressor, you might also have to upgrade other components in the system, like the evaporator or condenser.

Many people, while they are having their compressor repaired or replaced, figure that it is a perfect time to invest in a more energy efficient and eco-friendly system. So, they spend a little extra money and buy a brand-new, modern air conditioner with far better energy consumption ratings. Obviously, this is a big decision, but you should consider it if you do find out that you need to replace your air compressor because it is damaged for any reason.

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