What To Do If Your Second Floor Is Overheated

7 September 2018
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If you live in a storied home, there are cases where you might find yourself with an overheated second floor even though your air conditioner (AC) is running as usual. Here are some of the things that may create such a situation in your home.

The Attic Is Poorly Insulated

Your second floor may be hotter than the first floor if the attic is poorly insulated. This makes sense because as the sun beats down on the roof, the heat is transmitted to the room below it via the attic, particularly if the insulation is nonexistent or inadequate. In such a case, the cool air the second floor may be getting from the ductworks may be inadequate in keeping the second floor cool because it gets heated up as soon as it arrives.

The Ductwork Is Inadequate or Damaged

This is another potential cause of unusually high temperatures in the second floor. As you know, the ductwork provides the channels through which cool air is distributed through different parts of the building. However, damaged ductwork will be leaking cool air before it gets to the second floor, leaving it as hot as it was. In some cases, it is not that the ductwork is damaged, but it may be unbalanced thereby favoring the first floor over the second floor.

The Air Conditioner Is Undersized

Air conditioners are designed to cool homes with specific sizes in mind. Therefore, if your second floor is getting heated up, it might be that you are using an AC of the wrong size. In this case, the AC will be struggling to cool the entire house, but the effect of the struggle may be more noticeable on the second floor as compared to the first floor. This is because hot air is lighter than cool air, so any hot air on the first floor will rise and any hot air on the second floor will stay there.

Sunlight Is Heating the Second Floor

Lastly, your second floor may also be hotter than the first floor if the second floor is receiving more sunlight than the first floor. This may be the case if there are other buildings, structures, or trees that are blocking sunlight to the first floor, but they are not tall enough to affect the second floor.

As you can see, having unusually hot second floor is a problem that can be fixed. Consult an AC company like A-Thompson Refrigeration Air Conditioning & Heating Service Inc to diagnose the exact cause of the problem so that you can fix it once and for all.