Why Your Furnace May Not Be Blowing Hot Air

25 January 2019
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If you feel like when you go to turn on your furnace that you practically have to blast it on full in order for it to heat up your home, it may be in need of a tune-up or some furnace repairs. To help make sure that your house gets as warm as possible without you having to pay a fortune or waste money, this article will list a few different things that you can do. Are you ready to learn a little bit more about some tips? 

Have It Tuned Up

Sometimes, your furnace isn't blowing a lot of hot air because it needs to be professionally tuned up by a repair technician. If you can't remember the last time that you had your furnace tuned up, then this is probably the cause. During a tune-up, your repair person will open up your furnace, take a closer look at all of the components, make sure that your pilot light is working really well, and then they will make any adjustments that they see fit. 

Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned

You may not know what your air ducts are because they are likely hidden behind all of your drywall. But, if you have ever been to a warehouse or an industrial building, you have probably seen exposed air ducts in the ceiling. Air ducts are the long tubes of metal that run from your furnace to your air vents to deliver the hot air. Just like anything in your house, though, your air ducts can get really dirty and messy which means that it will be harder for air to move throughout them. Make sure that you have them professionally cleaned every year to make sure that they get all of the dirt and dust out of your vents. 

Change Your Filters

If you have dirty air filters in your furnace, then your furnace may have to work extra hard or may not work as efficiently. Make sure that you change your air filters every 3-4 months to help ensure that your furnace stays as clean as possible and works well too. 

If you want to learn more about ways that you can ensure that your furnace is blowing hotter air, use the tips listed in this article or contact a furnace repair technician near you. Remember that even though hiring a technician may be an upfront cost, it could save you a lot more money later on down the line.