When Your Air Conditioner Isn't Efficient: Common Maintenance Issues To Consider

22 April 2019
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Your home air conditioning system can keep your home cool for years, but you have to pay attention to maintenance issues as they come up. Your system should be serviced at the beginning of the season to make sure it is running well. Any small problems can be fixed before you depend on your air conditioner every day, and you will be ready for the hot weather ahead. Clogged air filters, frost building up on your condenser coils and refrigerant leaks can all create a system that doesn't work properly. When your system is maintained, you will know that you are running an efficient system that is less likely to break down during heavy use.

Your Compressor Is Breaking Down

The compressor takes care of the refrigerant in your air conditioning system, moving it around so that the refrigerant can do the job of cooling down the air. If the compressor isn't working correctly, the refrigerant won't be pumped through the system well enough. You can end up with air that isn't cool enough and your compressor will need to be replaced.

When Refrigerant Leaks

A leak of refrigerant needs to be addressed because the air conditioner can't work without it. If you find a fluid leak, you'll need to call for repair service immediately.

If You Have Ice Buildup

Your evaporator coils can build up over time with ice. When the coils get below freezing and the air flow is not sufficient, your evaporator coils can get ice on them. The air flow will need to be addressed and the system turned off so that the ice can melt. This occurs frequently with air conditioning systems that are older and should be completely replaced.

When Your Air Conditioner Turns Off and On

If you hear your system turning on and off frequently without cooling down your home, there could be a number of issues going on. Your thermostat could be broken, or your system could be overheated. Low refrigerant levels can cause the problem, as can clogged air filters. If your system is working too hard to cool your home, it is going to eventually turn off.

When the weather gets hot, you want to be prepared. Air conditioning maintenance services will keep your system running well. If you notice any problems with your system, call for help immediately to avoid a complete system breakdown. Good maintenance makes it less expensive to run your system overall.