Take It To The Next Level: Why You Need A Bidet

21 July 2020
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If you're remodeling your bathroom and you're looking for a way to take things up a notch, talk to your plumber about installing a bidet. If you don't think you need a bidet, you're wrong. If you thought bidets were just for eliminating the need for toilet paper, that's also wrong. Bidets provide benefits that you might have even thought of. Here are just four of the many reasons you need to have a bidet included in your bathroom remodeling project.

Reduce the Spread of Germs

If you're worried about the spread of germs, you have good reason to be. Germs can cause a variety of illnesses, including influenza and coronavirus. The bathroom is one of the most common places to pick up unwanted germs. That's because many people don't practice good bathroom hygiene. Toilet paper use is one way to accidentally spread germs in the bathroom and throughout the house. When you use toilet paper, your hands can come in contact with urine and fecal matter. If you don't wash your hands after using the bathroom, you can spread those germs around. One great thing about bidets is that your hands won't come in contact with urine or fecal matter, which helps to reduce the spread of germs.

Encourage Early Independence

If you have young children, you need a bidet in the bathroom. Children don't always wipe thoroughly, which means you need to lend a helping hand. This is especially true when young children are just learning to use the bathroom on their own. When you have a bidet, children are able to take care of their own bathroom hygiene. This encourages early independence and provides your children with a sense of privacy. 

Provide Relief From Constipation

If you suffer from chronic constipation, you know how uncomfortable enemas can be. Unfortunately, without enemas, your only option may be to use harsh medications for relief. That's where the bidet comes in handy. Many bidets now come with a built-in enema function. This allows you to receive the relief of an enema without the unpleasant tube.

Eliminates Problems Associated With Mobility

If you have mobility issues that prevent you from wiping effectively, it's time to have a bidet installed in the bathroom. Arthritis, obesity, and other medical issues can make it impossible to wipe. A bidet will eliminate the problem. With a bidet, you can use the bathroom independently, and without the fear of odors that occur when you can't wipe effectively.

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