Four Sounds You Don't Want To Hear From Your Furnace

21 September 2020
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During the cold winter months, your furnace can be a lifesaver. But depending on how old it is, you might start to notice a few things breaking down. Maybe your house takes a little longer to achieve the desired temperature or your energy bills are skyrocketing. Either way, a busted heater can be difficult to manage.

As with everything though, early prevention is key. That's why, if you hear any of the four sounds mentioned below, you should schedule a heating service as soon as possible. If the HVAC contractor gets to it early enough, you may be able to save yourself a fortune on future bills in addition to a potential furnace replacement.


Once your blower starts going, you might hear a faint clicking sound coming through your ductwork. That could either be a broken blower blade that is tapping the other metal as it turns, or it could be something else that is broken and has attached itself to your blower wheel. Over time, this clicking sound will result in premature wear and tear on your unit, which will cause even more issues. It's best to schedule a heating repair service while the damage is still minimal.


Another sound you don't want to hear from your furnace is a squealing sound, which almost always indicates that something is wrong with your belt. It's a simple fix but definitely not anything you want to try and attempt yourself. Call your local HVAC company and have a heating service technician examine it for you.


Though a popping sound coming from your furnace can be disconcerting, it's usually the result of a burner that needs to be cleaning. Instead of lighting immediately, a dirty burner will cause the fuel source to build up for a few seconds before it explodes, which causes the popping sound. Though it's not a big deal initially, this can be a major problem that needs attention quickly.


If you don't necessarily hear a gurgling sound through your vents, but you do hear it through the ground, there's a chance it could be your hydronic heating lines. Air that is trapped in these lines can eventually destroy the circulation pump, so it's worth having a heating service technician come out and take a look as this is not something any homeowner should attempt to DIY. 

Reach out to a heating repair professional for more information.